Benefit Administration & Claims Processing

Claims administration service is the core of self-funding. Simplan is there every step of the way with our expertise and tried and true practices and strategies. Our team designs the plan and writes the plan document. Our ACA experts make sure that the plan is compliant with federal healthcare mandates. We create, print, and distribute ID cards and customized employee materials informing plan members about their benefits, benefit website, mobile app suite, and other benefit resources. On an ongoing basis, we process claims and manage eligibility. Our experienced customer service team provides answers and support to plan members. Employers will receive monthly reports detailing your benefit usage which assists in effective plan benefit design and monitoring. Simplan’s team will help clients understand where their healthcare dollars are going and why. We offer suggestions to control costs while maximizing your benefits. This allows our clients more time to spend on their business and less time spent on benefits administration.

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